Theme Providers

There are many companies and freelancers making WordPress themes but not all of them are created equal. Some are much better than others. We try to feature only the best work here at RWPT. Here are some of the best theme developers in the business in no particular order:

Real Theme Co.


Real Theme Co. is an exciting new theme shop. They specialize on making only blog themes. So far they have five themes on their site and it looks like they have more to come. The designs are all really clean and minimal. Great for people who need a solid theme that loads fast.

Many of these would also be good for customizing. Although the designs are fairly minimal the features available are pretty solid. They allow for some pretty extensive customization. If you are in need of a blog theme we recommend checking here first.

Elegant Themes

They provide 89 very nice looking themes. One of our personal favorite theme providers.

Elegant Themes uses a little different payment method than some of the other theme providers. They charge a flat fee to get access to all of their premium themes for one year. For $39 you get access to all of their themes for one year. For developers, you can pay $89 a year and get all the themes plus the Photoshop design files and access to all the plugins. And if you plan on using their service extensively for years to come you can pay $250 for a lifetime membership. Not a bad deal if you build lots of websites.


Themify WordPress Themes

They offer lots of themes, 28 of which are responsive designs and that number continues to grow.

Themify is one of the best theme developers out there. They offer great WordPress themes and a unique drag and drop theme builder that allows you to customize which content you want and where it goes on the website.



Themefuse offers some very nice premium themes. They have 38 available as of Oct 2013 and 15 of those are fully responsive.

Themefuse gives you a couple ways to buy themes. All themes are $49 or $79 for the developer package (includes Photoshop files). They also offer a club membership which is $199 to sign up and $17 a month after that. Joining the club gets you access to every theme, the Photoshop files and all new themes when they come out.


Templatic is one of the excellent theme providers we highlight here at RWPT. They make a number of quality themes. One thing that makes them unique is the way they specialize. They do have some generic templates but they also make templates for specific needs, which means they end up being more useful for their intended audience.

Theme Junkie

Theme Junkie is yet another popular theme developer that specializes in WordPress themes. They offer a large selection of static and responsive themes in a number of different styles, designs and layouts.

Of the various theme providers, Theme Junkie is one of the cheapest. You get all of their themes for $39 dollars for one year or $99 for a lifetime membership. Since you often need to update your theme and WordPress version once a year or more, the lifetime membership is the best way to go.

Themes Kingdom

Themes Kingdom is one of our favorite theme developers from across the pond. They have a number of different themes of all different styles and types. Their themes are really nice and so is the price (that rhymed!). Individual themes go for $25-$35 or you can get access to all themes and plugins for $50 a year. Pretty much and awesome deal.


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They offer lots of themes, 28 of which are responsive designs and that number continues to grow.

ColorLabs creates a number of quality WordPress themes are reasonable prices, many of which are responsive designs, and the number of those continues to grow.


ThemeForest is one of the largest marketplaces where theme developers and freelancers go to sell their themes. Which means the quality can vary but the top ones are some of the best themes out there. They are the largest theme marketplace.

Mojo Themes

Mojo Themes is one of the big boys on the block. They are probably the second largest theme providers we feature here at RWPT next to ThemeForest. And like ThemeForest, Mojo Themes has lots and lots of different themes to choose from from a number of different developers and designers. The quality can vary but the top sellers and the themes we’ve chosen to features are all very solid, really some of the best there is.

UFO Themes

UFO Themes is a premium theme developer who creates a number of clean, responsive WordPress themes. There themes range in price, but generally are not more that $55 per theme, which is fairly reasonable.


ThemeTrust is a premium theme developer who creates a number of clean, responsive WordPress themes. Their themes are very clean and modern, leaning towards more flat designs. Most of their themes go for around $49 per theme, which is fairly reasonable.


BluChic makes feminine WordPress themes. Seems like a lot of blog themes are either more general or more masculine in design so it is refreshing to see designs that come in lighter colors and more feminine. Each of their themes is $79. They also offer a $109 dollar package that includes the photoshop files as well as social media, business cards and other collateral material templates, so you can brand your whole business.


ThemeFurnace is one of the best theme developers out there. Their themes have unique designs that are well thought out and organized. They also offer great pricing. It is $49 for any individual theme which is pretty average but it’s their year package where you really get a good deal. $99 for a year membership that gets you access to all of their themes.

GabFire Themes


GabFire Themes is one of the better theme developers who create responsive WordPress themes. They’ve been in business for a while and have a large number of themes with the newer ones we feature being responsive. There themes range in price but generally are $59 or $179 for the developer pack, which includes 3 additional themes.

Hermes Themes

Unlike some of our other theme developers we feature here Hermes Themes focuses on just one thing, and one thing only, hotel themes. They don’t have a ton of these but if you own a hotel, this is the place to look. When a theme is designed for one specific purpose, it is always better than a general theme. The code is better, and the features, widgets and templates are all set up for exactly what you need.

Rocket Themes

Rocket Themes is another good theme developer we feature that creates a number of different themes, not just for WordPress but also Joomla and Drupal. They have a number of themes but not all are responsive so we only feature the best ones. One theme costs $50 for one theme or $300 for all of the themes with their developer package.

Organized Themes

Organized Themes is another of my favorite theme creators we feature. They have some really nice looking modern themes built for a number of different types of sites. They don’t have a ton of themes but what they have are high quality and the prices are reasonable.

Any theme you want is $49 and they throw in another theme of your choice for free. Or you can pay a little more and get access to all of their themes on a monthly basis. $69 for six months, $89 for 12 months or $149 and you get all their current and future themes for life.

Frog Themes

Frog Themes has a number of unique responsive WordPress themes. They are one of the many theme creators we feature. There themes are modern and clean designs that will get your blog, business or organization noticed.

Frog Themes allows you to purchase individual themes or join the Frog Club and get access to all current and future themes fro $150 plus $10 a month.

Mint Themes

Mint Themes focuses on building high quality responsive WordPress themes, which is why they’re one of the theme creators we feature here. All of their themes are really exceptional and worth a look.

Mint Themes are a little more pricey than some of the other themes we offer at $79 each but they’re also really good themes, worth the extra money. You can also purchase all of their themes with a lifetime membership.


GavickPro makes some very cool, very premium, responsive WordPress Themes.

They offer a couple different options for purchasing their themes. Being overseas the prices is in Euros so the exact conversion price will vary, but at the time I looked these up: $54 for 4 months access to all of their themes, $88 for 12 months, $134 for a lifetime membership and $270 for VIP support for one full year. If you just need one theme go for the 4 month but if you’re a developer, lifetime is the way to go.

Tokokoo Themes

Tokokoo 468x60
TokokooThemes is one of our favorite theme creators we feature here. They specialize in creating awesome eCommerce themes.

Their themes are $79 for an individual license which is pretty reasonable for an eCommerce theme, or you can pay $149 to get all of their themes with a developers license. If you’re a web developer who does a lot of smaller web stores or looking to create a new eCommerce website you need to take a look at Tokokoo’s selection.

oBox Design

Obox has been creating WordPress themes and plugins for a long time and their stuff is top quality so we’re proud to feature them as one our theme developers. They have a lot of great themes but unfortunately they are not all responsive. Hopefully they’ll update the old ones, but until then, we still showcase the good responsive themes they do have.

oBox sells their themes for $79 for an individual license. Or you can sign up for $159 plus $10 a month for every theme along with all new themes they come out with.


PremiumPress has a solid collection of premium themes and is one of the better theme developers. Their themes are usually more complicated applications.

PremiumPress themes cost $99 or $299 for all of them. If you are a serious developer this might be a good option.

7 Themes

7Themes has a nice collection of premium responsive WordPress themes which is why they’ll one of the theme creators we feature here. They have a number of different themes primarily for businesses.

The price of themes ranges from $30 to $50 dollars.

WP Casa

WPCasa is a small but solid company that has one framework with a few child themes that work for it. They also have a number of plugins available. They create themes for real estate. If that is the type of site you need this is definitely the place to look.


StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

StudioPress is one of the better known theme developers on the block. They have a number of responsive WordPress themes built with their own framework Genesis. We have a sister blog to this site that uses one of their themes, and I have to say they’re quiet nice.

StudioPress themes are a little more pricey than some of the themes out there but they come with some nice features. Individual themes are $99 dollars although you can get special pricing after purchasing your first theme, that comes with the Genesis framework. To purchase all of their themes with a lifetime deal it is $395, which is pricey but if you plan on running a professional blog(s) it tends to be worth it.