Sneakers Addict Theme

Sneakers Addict Theme

Tailored for footwear shops, casual fashion retailers and clothing stores. Sneakers Addict is all in the focus and flexibility.

Sneakers Addict is a WordPress theme for e-commerce websites that lets you set up a great-looking, customized online store to sell your products. It is designed and developed for casual fashion, clothing stores, and independent fashion lines. The design of Sneakers Addict will engage your audience in a light and fun manner that attracts the eyes of visitors and leaves them wanting more.

It includes many unique options and rich-features that will help reflect your brand and business and set the professional tone for your site. It is powered with a sophisticated navigation system to make sure every customer can find what they want easily.

Sneakers Addict is compatible with popular e-commerce plugins:

  • Sneakers Addict on WP E-commerce
  • Sneakers Addict on Jigoshop
  • Sneakers Addict on WooCommerce

You can check out or purchase the theme over at ColorLabs

Sneakers Addict Premium E-commerce WordPress Theme


ColorLabs is a popular theme developer that we like to feature here on the site. They have a number of themes that are responsive designs, built with their own framework and lots of extra features and functionality. Which is nice, if you’re used one of their themes you’re familar with them all.


Individual themes range in price form $59 for basic themes to $79 for more advanced themes built for more complicated applications like eCommerce stores. The individual themes come with a lifetime membership, so you can keep them updated. You can also buy theme bundles if you’re creating a large number of websites or happen to be a web developer.

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