Flat Theme

Flat Theme

Flat or metro style design is one of those big trends of 2013-2014. You can see it all over in modern web designs and Apps. Flat Theme is a… flat designed WordPress theme from Themify. Simply in design yet containing a number of nice features. The code and design is modern with HTML5 and CSS3, especially with transition. As you scroll down the page you’ll see content fade-in, fly-in slide-in, drop-in etc. Making for an interesting experience for your users.

As with all Themify themes it uses the custom Theme Builder, lots of extra shortcodes, custom post types such as Timeline, Team, Portfolio, Testimonial, Section and so on. So if you want a simple, flat design with a theme that has a lot of features, check this one out.

To see this in action, view the demo at Themify


Themify is one of the best theme developers out there. They offer great WordPress themes and a unique drag and drop theme builder that allows you to customize which content you want and where it goes on the website.


For $39 you get two of their themes, not bad at all. It’s $59 for the developer licence which includes the Photoshop files. If you build lots of websites, or anything more than two you’d be dumb not to take advantage of their Club membership. $69 for all of their themes for one full year or $89 for the Developer Club membership. This is truly on of the best deals out there if you need multiple themes.

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Like what you see? Well time to get it. View the demo, details or purchase the them.