The Best Responsive Photo Gallery WordPress Themes of 2013

The Best Responsive Photo Gallery WordPress Themes of 2013

Whether you are a photographer, designer, artist, or just want to create a site that features lots of photos, WordPress makes it easy. There are hundreds of different templates that would work for a photo portfolio or blog, but not all of theme are that great, and many are not responsive. With the amount of smart phones and tablets out there today, we fell it is now a must to have a responsive website.

We’ve gone through and collected those themes that we think are particularly well done, and featured them here. Some of them are just simply photo galleries, while other have lots of other functionality. It helps to think about what you need before choosing a theme but hopefully we’ve covered a big enough cross section here that you can find the perfect one for your portfolio.

So enough of my typing, here are some of the best responsive photo gallery WordPress themes of 2013


Picks is a minimal portfolio theme from the good folks at oBox. It is set up to allow collections of photos, so if you do lots of photo shoots or have different types of work this will be a good theme for you.

oBox photography theme

You can check out this theme and view the demo at oBox.

Beat Full Screen Portfolio Theme

Sometimes you just want to keep things simple. Beat is a great theme for that. It displays images of your work in a fullscreen view on your homepage. You can click each piece of work to see a larger version. If your goal is to show of your photography, graphic design or other artwork, this is an easy way to do it. You don’t always need lots of bells and whistles.

Beat responsive gallery theme

View the Details


This theme is gorgeous and has a lot more to offer than just a photo gallery. Elegant Themes makes some great themes and this one is no exception.

Vertex is a stunning theme built for service providers that want to showcase their equally stunning products. The climb down from the Vertex is long, but as you descend you are met with beautifully animated content that is built for scrolling. The homepages gives you a chance to engage your visitors and tell your story through galleries, sliders, testimonials and team member bios. At both the vertex and the summit, you are met with a clear call to action that is built for conversions. Vertex sweats the small stuff, and each element has been designed with meticulous detail.


Check out this theme and view the demo at Elegant Themes.

Cleanr is another minimal, responsive WordPress theme set up to display work in a clean and easy to see way. It doesn’t have every feature imaginable, just the stuff you will need. It has support for images and video on the homepage and also supports audio posts. A nice theme if you want something clean that doesn’t take away focus from your work or if you want to make design changes to the theme this is a good foundation to start from.

CleanR  - whole

Purchase the theme today at MOJO THEMES


Glare really works to put your work out in front of people. Three homepage images with a fullscreen background image slideshow. Pretty elegant and very cool. One of the many nice themes available from CSSIgniter. This theme could work for a photographer, makeup artist, costume designer, or basically someone with nice photography that they want to show off.

Glare photogallery theme

You really need to check this theme out at CSSIgniter.


This is a very cool theme that could work for your photography portfolio. I love the themes they make over at ThemesKingdom and this is another great one.

Momentum portfolio

You can view this theme at ThemeKingdom or check out the Demo.


Another awesome theme from Elegant Themes. They’re one of the best theme developers out there and this theme is very unique and definitely worth taking a look at.

Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery. The theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. The theme is also responsive, meaning it will look and work great on mobile devices as well. If you are an artist looking to showcase your latest work, or if you are a blogger looking to give your visitors a fun new way to browse your latest posts, then Origin is great choice for you!


Check out this theme and view the demo at Elegant Themes.


I like this theme because it has a real clean design and really shows off the photography. Photos always pop off a light background.

Simfo is a minimal responsive theme with a subtle touch of grungy texture. Design-wise, it has great attention to details — great balance of white space and beautiful typography. Functionality-wise, it works on all screen resolution and most browsers including the mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry. The template includes optional lightbox and post sorting navigation. Simfo is a perfect theme for portfolio and general blog sites.



You can check out or purchase the theme over at Themify


Knead is a simple and clean portfolio theme that works for a photography portfolio or gallery.


Check this theme out at oBox.


Nothing crazy, just a simple, clean theme to display your work.

Elevation photo gallery theme

You can take a look at this theme from Themes Kingdom.

That is it for the roundup but we have plenty of other themes to checkout.